SIEMENS type SGT-200 2S DryLowNOx

Quantity: Three (3)
GT type: SIEMENS type SGT-200 2S DryLowNOx
Twin Shaft Mechanical Drive Tornado 7.68MW
Item & Serial Number: GT-100/200/300; 9080-461, 9080-462, 9080-463
New: October 2007
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Current Location: Gowrings Netherlands
Time Since New: Zero hours
Total Starts: Zero
Date of Most Recent Inspection: Preservation up to 2014 by Siemens
History: Originally purchased for a Natural Gas Compression
(can be adapted for Power Generation)

Inclusions, each Package:Accoustic Enclosure 8.5x3.0x5.0m; Lubricating Oil System; Internal Stainless Steel Fuel/Oil/Air Lines; VSD Electric Motor with Gearbox; DLE Combustion System; Gas Measurement & Monitoring Systems; Intake Filter System; Intake Plenum; Anti-icing; GT Compressor Wash System; Exhaust Compensator; Installation Accessories; Coupling Guard Assembly;

Manufacturing Record Book;
For Sale: As individual units or complete package
Availability: Immediate
Viewing: By Arrangement only
Further Information & Viewing: Gowrings Continental BV, Pieter Kapteijn, Albert Steenman +31 78 676 8555