Siemens SGT200 Gas Generator. For sale

Siemens SGT200 Gas Generator.
Rating : 6.45 Mw as a single shaft unit
6.641 MW as a twin shaft unit.
Fuel : Gas fuel
Combustion : conventional combustion
Condition : Fully overhauled and performance tested by Siemens Lincoln.

General description

This unit is a OEM fully overhauled “zero houred” gas generator.
The following items are at least fitted as new items:
CT 1 rotor blades
CT 2 Rotor blades
CT1 stator blades
CT2 stator segments
Flame tubes
Transition ducts
All other components are overhauled to be suitable for a full 54.000 fired hours operating cycles when maintained to the OEM standards.

Documentation :
OEM build book available on request
OEM test report available on request
OEM Life statement available on request.